Can’t find HDMI/DisplayPort sound device in Radeon RX570 and ASRock B450M Pro4

  • Environment

CPU:AMD Ryzen 5 2400G

M/B:ASRock B450M Pro4

VGA:Radeon RX570

  • Issue

I changed CPU and M/B and OS (Windows 10)was not clean installed.

So I noticed  that my PC cannot sound through HDMI/DisplayPort.

I thought old drivers are evil. So I used DDU because of removing old drivers.

After removing them, I reinstall Radeon graphic driver. But my PC can’t recover.

  • Solution

A UEFI of a mother board(ASRock B450M Pro4)  is BAD.

I install the newest UEFI to a mother board using UEFI menu(Instant Flash).


If you update this mother board’ UEFI, you MUST go through a few steps.




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